Digicel Online Topup

Digicel Online Top Up allows you to send call credit to family & friends or to your own cell phone, from anywhere in the world!


It takes only a few easy steps:

·         Register for free.

·         Select a top up value.

·         Enter your credit card information.

·         Pay and view your receipt.

·         The mobile phone will receive an SMS confirmation message.


Automatic Top Up:
Automatic Top Up lets you schedule future Top Ups, that will automatically be sent to a specified Digicel customer at a designated time and date.

You don’t have to be a Digicel customer to use this service. Just sign up or login,
 enter the Top Up details once, and Digicel will do the rest.



Fingertip Top Up:

With Fingertip Top Up, registered online customers will now be able to send a Top Up from their Digicel mobile phone and have the amount charged to the credit card on their account.  


Customers can also register a Digicel mobile phone belonging to a family member or friend which then allows that the owner of that phone to send the Top Up request.